Interview with Carlos Juste

Carlos Juste, is one of my friend in the H.E.L.P class. He speaks spanish. He is good friend and eager to study. This is conversation with Carlos. (Actually this is my assignment for Murad Khalive)

1. Question: “What is your hobby?”
Answer: “My hobbies are sports and reading.”
2. Question: “What is your occupation?”
Answer: “I am working in Jodafone mobile company.”
3. Question: “Have you ever live in Hawaii before? What did you do in Hawaii?”
Answer: “Yes I have, just having fun and enjoyed trip.”
4. Question: “Have you ever hear about Indonesia? How do you hear about that?”
Answer: “Yes, I have. I heard about Indonesia from television, newspapers, advertisement, etc.”
5. Question: “What did you heard about Indonesia?”
Answer: “I hear a lot about Indonesia. I heard about the culture of Indonesia, about political news, etc.”
6. Question: “Do you think the news is positive or negative?”
Answer: “The news about Indonesia is positive.”
7. Question: “After you heard about that, do you want to go to Indonesia?”
Answer: “Yes, I do. I want to go to Indonesia someday. If I have money to go there.”
8. Question: “Have you know also about terrorist in Indonesia?”
Answer: “Yes I know, but not really.”
9. Question: “What is your opinion about that?”
Answer: “In my opinion, there is no terrorist in Indonesia, maybe it just news.”
10. Question: “Do you think it will be save to make cooperation with Indonesian government? Why?”
Answer: “Yes I do. Indonesia is country that has a lot of resources to grow. So that, it is OK to make cooperation with Indonesia, especially in business.”


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