Interview with Julie

Interview with Julie 

Julie is one of the HELP’s teacher. She is the new teacher. Murad gave me assignment to interview with Julie. This is my report.

Erda       : “Where do you come from?”

Julie       : “I come from Canada from the province of Quebec”

Erda       : “When did you arrive in Hawaii?”

Julie       : “I arrived at Hawaii in August last year”

Erda       : “So, you have been teaching here for one year?”

Julie       : “No, this summer is my first semester teaching at HELP”

Erda       : “What do you do beside teaching in HELP?”

Julie       : “I am a student in University Hawaii at Manoa for Master Degree in Second Language Study Program”

Erda       : “What is your background in undergraduate?”

Julie       : “I have bachelor degree teaching English at a second language.”

Erda       : “Why did you joint to HELP”

Julie       : “When I was home before I came for master degree I was already teaching in high school as English at second language, and I like to teach, so I want to teach somewhere, and HELP in one of the place where I can teach, I see a position available here so I can teach here”

Erda       : “Why do you choose HELP, why don’t choose the other institution”

Julie       : “I like HELP because this is more interesting because this in not only grammar but also English for everyday life”

Erda       : “Do you have interesting teach experiences between two weeks?”

Julie       : “I don’t know, it was different to teach here, because they are international student I used to teach French and Canadian, they are older also, so the dynamic is very different from high school. In Canada some people not interesting in English because they had been learn English for long time. So I should push them to learn English. But in here student has high motivated to study.”

Erda       : “Do you have a bad experience when you teach in HELP?”

Julie       : “I have no bad experience, for me it is no problem, I enjoy teach here.”


By: Erda Rindrasih


Photo by: Erda Rindrasih

Originally Julie is from Province of Quebec, Canada. She came to Hawaii in August last year and started to teach as HELP instructor in summer 2007. Julie worked in Canada before, she teach English for French and Canadian.

Julie is student in University of Hawaii at Manoa in Second Language Study Program for Master Degree. Her background is teaching English at a second language.

Julie said she like to teach, and she want to teach somewhere in Hawaii. So that, she joint with HELP. She likes HELP because HELP is more interesting. HELP is not only teaching about grammar but also English for everyday life.

Julie said teaching in HELP is very interesting. She faced a different dynamic from high school of class in HELP. She said she has to push the students in Canada to learn English, because they had been learn English for long time and has less motivation, but in HELP Julie find a high motivated student. Julie said teach the international student is more interesting.

Julie said she enjoy live in Hawaii, although she don’t surf but she likes the ocean and the weather.



3 thoughts on “Interview with Julie”

  1. Hi!
    My name is Megan and I’m a senior in HS who lives in NJ. I sent an app. to UHM but i’m really lost. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the school. The campus, the dorms, the food, the people, anything!! I’m really interested in their rugby club but it doesn’t say anything about it on their athletics page. Thank you soooo much!

    1. Hi Meg,
      UHM is in Oahu Island, Honolulu, easy to get here from the airport. It is definitely very comfortable of climate, warm and beautiful landscape. In term pf dorm, there are some on campus dorms for undergraduate and graduate student separated. But if you will bring your family, I suggest you to live off campus since the facilities in dorm are not be designed for kids. Many international students in UHM (including me), the diversity of UH also become another interesting thing. Unfortunately, I don’t have any idea for the rugby club, sorry! But, I know that the sport activities and facilities in here is excellent.
      Good Luck Meg

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