KRI Dewaruci in Pearl Harbour Hawaii


Picture: The party in the Dewaruci ship’s hall

A couple weeks ago, at September of 18, 2007, I went to Pear Harbour to fulfill the invitation from Indonesian Army. It was KRI (Kapal Republik Indonesia) Dewa Ruci which stand in Pearl Harbour Honolulu Hawaii.

Dewaruci built in 1952 by H.C Stulcken and Sohn Hamburg, West Germany. It was launched on January 24 1953. Dewaruci was sailed to Indonesia by the Indonesian naval officers and cadets. Ever since, it has been utilized as training ship in the Indonesian Naval Academy based in Surabaya for which it has cruised both in land water and overseas.

At that time I met with all the naval and cadets. They were very friendly regarding to say hello and shared story about the ship. One of them is Andy, he originally come from East Java, he joined at the Indonesian Naval Academy since 2004. He told me that Dewaruci word was based on the Javannese Philosophies. Most of Javanese Philosophies of life follow the Hindu epic, Ramayana and Mahabharata, former from India. The epic always render good and evil characteristics of people and considered as guidance of life. However, the Javanesse have their own versions, which are some sort of sub stories of the epic, written according to their own value system. One of such is episode of Dewaruci, as performed in the shadow puppet plays.

 The Dewaruci ship have three mission. First, they want to avenue for sea training of the Indonesian Naval Cadets. In additon they also perform many dance to support the tourism, culture and information about Indonesia. On the other hand Dewaruci brought the International Relationship, especially betwen Indonesia and United Stated.

It was very nice to met with the commander. His name is Cdr. Sutarmoko. He was born in Nganjuk City, East Java. I had opportunity to speak, also sang together… :). We sang a song which titled “Kemesraan” , I don’t really sure what is that mean in English, may be “intimate” or “harmony” or something. We also enjoy the Poco Poco dance which be the most interesting part of performance based on the confession of the US Naval Army. (Erda)


2 thoughts on “KRI Dewaruci in Pearl Harbour Hawaii”

  1. tolong dijaga kapal kebanggaan kita ini (keep clean and good) I proud to Indonesian Navy. Long life our Navy “Jalasveva jayamahe”.

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