Field Study in Panda Travel


Pic: Erda and friend the student of HELP class

HONOLULU*_Panda travel is one of the biggest tour agency in Hawaii. Panda travel established more than ten years. It developed with the company group. It sell services, it called full services agencies. It makes business, such as; retail, online, corporate business, ticket Hawaii, etc. Some agencies just only handle one of them. But, Panda travel handle all of that. It services people from Hawaii and people to Hawaii. It have more than 500.000 costumers.
According to Kenneth Ikeda, Director of Operations of Panda Travel, sale ticket is not easy. They have to always check and recheck the price and always dealing with the air line company. Sometimes they faced several problems with costumers also. Ikeda told that they got problem when they sale online. Selling online gives the benefit for Panda because Panda do not need to hire people, but the problem is in agreement. Panda travel is difficult to ask with the person who orders.
Ikeda said that Panda travel spends a lot of money to promote their services. They make advertisements in million dollars in TV, radio, newspaper and internet.

Ikeda also explain about costumer services. According to Ikeda there are three important things, that are; smile, sell your experience and ask more and more. Ikeda said, “The company should give the good services because we want to get the money.”
Panda travels have many employees. Panda travel pays them $ 1.600 per month for the new employee. After they have enough experience, Panda travel will pay them more than $ 2,000 per month. The length of carrier depend on the performance and ability. The average of length is two years. The salaries will increase based on their performance also. (erda, 2007)


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