The Deeply Ramadhan in America

Without “Iman” how can I live….

 My friend from Vietnam asked me, “Erda what is Ramadhan?”. I stoped work, keep silent for several minutes, my brain getting move around quickly I thinking a head. It is diffucult question to answer for me. The difficulties is not because I don’t know what is Ramadhan, but I have to arrange a good sentence with my less vocabulary in English to say for my friend who never know about Ramadhan before. Suddenly I nerveous to answer that questions. I feel, I am not the presice person that get big grand and opportunity to answer that question. He is Vietnamist which doesn’t believe the Islam yet.

I tried to find the very proper word to answer. Then, one question I can answer on that time, however I answer with very nervous. I really scare in making mistake at that time. Why God choose me answer that question for person who never known about religion and muslim before. I realize that whatever I answer it make the big consequncies for him. He will always remember about what I am saying, because those is the first information that he get.

Being muslim in America is not easy. I find some stories about the way of their live in America. You know guys, there are estimated 2.35 million muslims in the United States. While 65 persen of them are foreign born. Their income and education levels reflect this and tend to mirror the rest of the country (New York Times, July 30,2007). Most mulims who were born here are african-american converts and descendent of converts. But a fasting growing number are the children immigrants and this last group is extremely young nearly half are between 18 and 29.



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