Dating Violance?

I picked up the news from which related to the topic of education. In Texas, there are several cases of murder which is done by teenagers during and after they were dating. The continuing murder case in Texas is to cause to become restless especially for the parents, teachers and teenagers. For the parents who has son or daughter killed by their dating partner it is not easy to be faced. Therefore, the government of Texas is trying to decrease and even stop the number of murder. Moreover the state government of Texas passed the law that requires school districts to help protect students from being physically or emotionally abused by their significant others. In addition, government also campaign to raise awareness of unhealthy dating behaviors and signs of emotional and physical abuse. The district also offers professional training for school staff and parents and leadership training for students interested in educating their classmates about bullying, sexual harassment and dating violence prevention.  Hence, a local agency provides shelter and counseling for abuse victims, to provide school-based support groups to reduce the risk of dating violence. The district also spent about $21 million of a $519.5 million bond package approved in 2004 on facility safety and security upgrades, including video surveillance systems.

At the recent time, there are no theory or statistical sample has yielded a conclusive explanation of why some people assault, maims, rape, and murder. However, I believe that the cases of criminal happen because of two factors; opportunity and intentionally. Opportunity means the condition, the situation and the tools that will conduct people to kill or can be said as external factor to kill, for example: there is no body in the room so they can easily kill or maybe there is a knife of gun in the table so people can use that as a tool to kill. It can be also the situation that really forces them to kill people. A gun clearly does have an influence on the scale of destructiveness of people who are approaching and trying out violence . Intentionally means the rationale based on the murderer’s way of thinking about the reasons to kill or can be said as internal factor to kill. This is related to behavior, values, emotionally, and education.  I think the action that has been taken by the Texas government is right. The policy to build better safety infrastructure is a good idea as the way to close the opportunity. Hence, the policy to give campaign and education will influence teenager to think before they did, it may close the factor of intentionally. Therefore the two reasons why people kill are covered.

I think this is an important and interesting article. Furthermore it related to community planning because actually community can be the facilitator to build safety social environment for teenager to live. For me, education is not only theory or lesson that we have in the class but education need model. It means, teenager need models, a person who are doing the right things and leave the bad things. We cannot only said to teen “don’t do this” or “you have to do this” if as a parents or as people in community not doing the same things. Community can take a part in the way to keep their teens far from being violence by give them understanding that love is respect to each other. The willingness of community engage in keeping teens from being violence is one of the social capitals to build better social environment.

Komentar Mbak NAPI

…. makanya dalam Al Quran tidak pernah sekalipun di wajibkan atau bahkan di sunahkan untuk “PACARAN” alias dating datingan, kalo emang sudah waktu nya alias cukup umur dan mampu ya lebih baik menikah to…? Trus kalo belum mampu ya puasa dulu to yo…. trus kalo emang mau kenalan ya kan bisa Ta’aruf dulu ke…..kalo udah gini kan repot juga pemerintah ngatur ngatur anak anak yg pacaran. Pemerintah itu tugasnya banyak loh!

Andaisaja semua mau berpegah teguh pada Al Quran dan Hadist.


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