Clothes and Sovereignity

What would you do if some one protest about your clothes you wore? There is no reason to protest as long as the clothes is ok and appropriate with the occasion. If it break the regulation I should say what kind of regulation? Do we have regulation for clothing? In my opinion, the cloth we wore is part of our existence and character. It is also part of our independency and sovereignty as a human being to choose what ever we like to be wore.

However, I deeply understand that in my community the clothes become very important. If you want to know in several campuses in Indonesia they forced student to not wear t-shirt and sandals, they would not allow the lecturers to have long hair, female student is not allow to wear skirt. Even, they provide the uniform to be wore in some days they selected.

Well, unfortunately, I am part of this community. For the first time I feel OK to know that we have to wear uniform similar with other staff. But, then I feel something moving in my mind. How come? Why they can intervene in what I want to wear. I don’t want people decide what should I wear for my daily life.


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