6 Interesting Facts of Prambanan Temple

I am sorry if you never see Prambanan Temple. But you should mark your calendar in the coming summer to visit Yogyakarta Indonesia and enjoying this temple. Prambanan temple is one of the Hindu’s temples which is the highest temple in Indonesia. It has very beautiful pattern in its wall, each pattern has the deeply meaning and values. I visited Prambanan this year (2010), as the person who already visits for more than 5 times, for me the interesting is not only about temple, but also any kinds surrounding them.

1. Disobeyed Visitors

The management of the temple put the sign in the temple “Dilarang naik” or NO CLIMBING, but the visitors ignore this sign. I have no idea why they did this. Maybe they didn’t now how to read. Or may be it is one of their behaves.

2. New Stuppa but BROOM

I never heard that Hindus pray for broom in my life. I never know that broom is part of the temples. Well hard to believe, but I see this in Prambanan Temple. I don’t believe they put the broom in the space which is usually used by god. The temple-boy (call for Office Boy), should not put the broom there. Make it ugly ..

3. Manual vs Digital

I am glad to know that the management of Prambanan Temple improve the entry system in the destination site. The visitors get the harder card rather that paper which is automatically to open the gate when you put in front of the sign. It makes me remember with the MRT system in Singapore, they use the similar system of gate. But, I don’t know why they still order some officer to stand by close to the gate. They asked my ticket and putted in front of the sign. It is good, but I think it is not efficient. I just can predict, probably they put the officers there in order to help visitors who don’t know about this new system.

4. High-hills

Mmmm, I don’t think become a good idea to wear high-hills and step on the stairs. Such a calling for problems. But I see some people looks comfortable stepping on the stairs wearing high-hills, I was little afraid for her balance. 🙂

5. Goat ?

I never see this small animal running for the passenger, except in the movie of Santa Clause. So interesting … but, scary to try because my weight is more than 100 pound, ha..ha.. may be he will so exhausted to run for me.

6. Too Loud

Have you ever seen the Javanesse traditional dance? This picture is shown one of the traditional dance from Java called Jatilan. Normally jatilan is performed by the adult people. During the dance many of them sometimes got interrupted by the spirit. mmmmm…. do you think if the kids did the dance, is that OK? I have no heart to see their performance. Seeing the dance is OK, but seeing the kids entered by the spirit… wow wow… I was running immediately to escape from this. Hei… but this is not my point, my focuses on the very noise sound I heard from this music dance. It destroyed my sacrality to see the beautiful temple.

Last but not leas, Prambanan is so beautiful. Hard to imagine how they build this temple using the stone in the thousand years ago. I wish this temple as the heritage is conserved for our future generation. So that, they can learn from their ancestor about how they see their life in their time.


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